• Alternative RnB TUTORiAL
    December 25th, 2020
    Categories: Tutorials

    Alternative RnB TUTORiAL

    Alternative RnB TUTORiAL


    ..:: Ableton Live Producing ::..

    Studio pro delivers in-depth Ableton Live production video tutorials! See how to make a complete Alternative R&B song in the style of Frank Ocean and The Weekend from magesy download scratch, step-by-step using only Ableton Live. This course is for those who are already familiar with Ableton Live, but want to learn Alternative R&B sound design and production techniques. You also get the samples and presets used in the videos so you can follow along on your studio system. Thomas welcomes you and starts with a play-through of the Alternative R&B track you’ll be making together, and then shows you how to lay the foundation of the track by creating and programming vibey lofi synth chords, and then the drums and percussion parts using classic drum machine sounds and more. Bass guitar is next, and you’ll see how to add a vintage inspired bass guitar to the track, as well as how a parallel processed layer can be used to create a dreamy chorusy bass part, perfect for this genre. More keys are then designed and added, such as a rich Junoesque key sound, classic Rhodes part, Glass Synth keys and even a cool wah-wah guitar sound for that throw back R& B feel.

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    • Zen And the Art of Producing TUTORiAL
      December 14th, 2020
      Categories: Tutorials

      Zen And the Art of Producing TUTORiAL

      Zen And the Art of Producing

      iLFSN | 10.05.2017 | 890 MB

      PDF Book + M4V Video Clip

      In this companion book to Zen and the Art of Mixing, Mixerman discusses the art of producing records. Mixerman lays out the many organizational and creative roles of an effective producer as budget manager, time manager, personnel manager, product manager, arranger, visionary, and leader, and without ever foregoing the politics involved in the process. As Mixerman points out, “Producing is an art in which reading and understanding people nearly always trumps any theoretical knowledge – whether musical or technical in nature.” Whether you’re currently positioned as musician, engineer, songwriter, DJ, studio owner, or just avid music fan, Mixerman delivers you a seemingly one-on-one, personal lesson on effective producing.

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      • Producing Professional Voice Overs Explained®
        December 2nd, 2020
        Categories: Tutorials

        Producing Professional Voice Overs Explained®

        Producing Professional Voice Overs

        SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 02 2020 | 230 MB

        Studio guru presents comprehensive voice over production video tutorials! Learn how to record and produce professional sounding voice overs for commercials, movies, video blogs, podcasts and more. Chris takes you step by step from magesy download the beginning, all the way to exporting your final product. These voiceover production tutorials are for those who are new to recording voice overs, or just want a refresher course on getting the best sounding voiceover possible. Chris welcomes you and starts with the basics like using the right recording environment and selecting the right microphone for the job, followed by how to set up the mic and make sure your recording levels are correct. Then you’ll see how to optimize your performance before recording with proper dynamics, delivery, and distance from magesy download the microphone, and tips for optimizing your time in front of the microphone when you do record.

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        • Producing Disco House In Live TUTORiAL
          November 9th, 2020
          Categories: Tutorials

          Producing Disco House In Live TUTORiAL

          Producing Disco House In Live

          FANTASTiC | 12 May 2020 | 1.85 GB

          Following the success of his Classic House course in Logic Pro, Maison Records label owner Ian Bland is back to create another comprehensive set of tutorials, this time on creating upbeat, funky disco house in Ableton Live. With a huge amount of experience in the electronic music scene, dating back from magesy download his early days with rave outfit Dream Frequency on XL Recordings, Blandy’s depth of knowledge and passion for teaching make the tutorials well worth a watch. On the course, Blandy shows his hands-on, old school methods for creating a grooving disco house track from magesy download scratch, using a combination of Live’s devices and 3rd party plugins. Starting with drums, he adds layers of funky bass, guitar licks, brass, strings and a soulful vocal to create a classic disco vibe. The course also goes through the entire arrangement process, teaching how to structure a track with builds and drops that will keep the dancefloor on its toes. The final videos then focus on Blandy’s mixing and mastering techniques, ensuring the track sounds polished and professional.

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          • Producing Music With Reason S1-S2
            September 21st, 2020
            Categories: Tutorials

            Producing Music With Reason S1-S2

            Producing Music With Reason

            Team iLLiTERATE | 21 September 2020 | S1: 1 GB | S2: 1.7 GB

            Level: Beginner and intermediate level user

            This series of videos is an introduction class to the music production software: Reason.

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            • Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro
              September 17th, 2020
              Categories: Tutorials

              Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

              Electronic Music with Logic Pro

              FANTASTiC | 17 September 2020 | 9.63 GB

              Learn The Basics Of Electronic Music.

              Learn the basics of producing electronic music from magesy download DJ and producer, Ed Solo. Ed has worked with DJ Fresh, Krafty Kuts and FreakNasty, and in this class he’ll show you how to drop the beat using Logic Pro. Ed will take you through the essential elements of electronic music and show you how to use Logic’s EXS24 sampler and a few other virtual instruments. You’ll learn how to work with Logic Pro’s stock sounds and explore the range of options you already have in your DAW. Ed will teach you proper routing and mixing with eq, compression, and effects. Then he’ll show you how to bring the elements together and produce a complete mix. Ed will also discuss what differentiates the electronic music genres, drum ‘n’ bass, trap, dubstep, and house — and how to create the sound that make them unique. Ed will also show how many of these techniques can be applied to any DAW, not just Logic Pro. If you want get your start in electronic music production or just pick up some tricks…

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              • Producing & Engineering: Low End/Sub-Bass
                August 21st, 2020
                Categories: Tutorials

                Low End/Sub-Bass TUTORiAL

                FANTASTiC | 22 February 2020 | 689 MB

                Low End and Sub-Bass tutorials! Learn how to produce and engineer proper low end and sub-bass for your tracks and productions, creating impact and power. These sub bass production videos are designed to help you create a great magesy torrent bottom end for your songs, giving them a fat, tight sound. Adam welcomes you and first talks about the differences between Low End and Sub-Bass, then how to properly monitor the bass and make adjustments, helpful info on Pitch, Frequencies, and Harmonics, why layering bass isn’t always a good idea, making bass a mono signal, adding reverb to bass and other topics related to the low end. Next, Adam gets into tons of cool techniques like High Pass Filtering and ways to use it effectively but not destructively, creative ways to remove clicks from magesy download your tracks, using Sine Waves for bass, splitting your chords up and playing the lowest notes in unison for a higher sound, and much, much more.

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